Jeff Collins
Creator of NumberBall
Matthew Berry
ESPN Senior Fantasy Analyst

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Matthew Berry and Jeff "Jeffeljefe" Collins have curated the sharpest content from the best DFS teachers into one amazing product: RotoPassDaily

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Watch Matthew and Jeff talk through the fundamentals of DFS

Why did I choose to partner with Jeff on RotoPassDaily?

I knew I couldn't launch this alone, so I went and found the guy I consider to be the best DFS player in the world - Jeff "JeffelJefe" Collins. If you've dabbled in DFS you've probably heard of him. His list of wins is pretty long, but the short version is that he won $1M in one contest on the same exact day he took 2nd in the FanDuel live final (where all the best DFS players in the world play in one contest on one day). That was after he won the DraftKings baseball live final, two different top 10 finishes in the NBA live final - I could go on and on. Then created NumberBall, and they're crushing it. Their whole angle is that they want to teach people how to get better every single day, so naturally we clicked.

He's the best player and the best teacher. So he's my guy.

If you truly want to learn how to be a better DFS player, NumberBall will be the best decision you ever make. Trust me, I have researched all of the content in the industry and he is your guy.
@Krayton - New to DFS in 2017, now 4x Live Finalist

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