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In the fast paced world of DFS, late scratches, last minute lineup changes and every piece of news is not only vital, it needs to be delivered quickly and accurately. The creator of up to the second news and analysis, Rotowire keeps you and your DFS line-ups up to date 24/7/365. One of the first websites to offer lineup optimization back in 2014, RotoWire.com is the most lauded site in the history of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association (FSWA). They’ve won 78 different awards for their content, more than twice as many as aany other site. Giving you all of the daily tools (and customization options within them) that you need for sustained success playing Daily Fantasy Sports, with Rotowire’s DFS tools and alerts you’ll always have the most up-to-date and optimized lineup.

RotoWire has always been ahead of the game when it comes to season-long tools, and when daily fantasy sports began to gain popularity, that reputation held up. When they were industry leading back in 2014 with their lineup optimization tool all they did was win the FSTA award for Best Fantasy Sports Service/Tool for Web. Since then, RotoWire has expanded to sports beyond NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL, making them the most comprehensive DFS resource in the industry. They offer lineup optimization and other tools for Soccer, Racing, Golf, WNBA and more.

A lot of enhancements have been made to their Lineup Optimizers since, including slate customization, ability to edit projected points, the addition of projected ownership percentages and more. Never satisfied, Rotowire recently integrated new player pop-outs on their DFS pages, which show recent production, matchup details, advanced stats, applicable splits and the best player news in the industry. Rather than mix up dozens of tabs on your internet browser, RotoWire's DFS site gives you all the pertinent information right in one place.

On top of optimization, RotoWire offers exportable data via their Value Reports, custom analysis of your DFS playing history, and the ability to set up e-mail/text alerts for when one of your players is scratched. And that's just a FEW of their most popular features.

After you try it, you’ll understand why RotoWire has been providing content to major media partners such as ESPN for over a decade. Given their excellence, it's no surprise they are the provider of player news, lineups and injury information to popular DFS sites such as FanDuel and DraftKings. Now, you can have access to this up-to-the-second information as well. In DFS, every second counts. That’s why Rotowire never sleeps – so you never miss an update!

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