Am I going to win money if I subscribe to RotoPassDaily?

We hope so! But keep in mind, DFS is a game that includes both skill and variance, and even on a day when your process is right, other factors outside your control might swing the result one way or another. So we’re not going to promise that you’ll make money every time (and anyone who DOES promise you that is lying), but we will promise you that we’ll help you get better. We’ll give you all the access you need to learn better strategies to put yourself in a good position to win.

What is RotoPassDaily, exactly?

Basically, think of it as a fantasy sports portal to the best DFS information on the Web. By purchasing a RotoPassDaily subscription, you get full access to NumberBall, RotoGrinders Premium NFL, ESPN+, and Rotowire. While there is some season long content on a few sites (specifically ESPN+ and Rotowire), please note this is primarily a DFS focused site.

What are the RotoPassDaily subscription terms and prices?

$79.99 / month. You will be billed every month unless you cancel your subscription. You may cancel at any time.

I already subscribe to one or more of the RotoPass Roster sites. Do I get a discount towards my RotoPassDaily subscription?

Unfortunately no. The margins are already razor thin because we are offering the sites at so far below what they usually get, so there's no way to really discount it beyond what we already have.

When does "the clock" start?

The day you purchase the Pass your subscription term commences. Your Pass and access to the RotoPassDaily Roster sites will last from that day until a month later. You will be automatically renewed unless you cancel, which can be done at any time.

How can I buy a RotoPassDaily subscription?

CLICK HERE to go to the Join Now page. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal. Our site meets both Verisign's and our payment gateway's rigorous security protocols.

How do I access the RotoPassDaily Roster sites?

Once you purchase a RotoPassDaily subscription, login to RotoPassDaily.com with your email address (that's your "username") and the password you created when signing up. You will be taken to a page, ("the RotoPass Roster") that has links to all of the partner sites.

Click on whatever site you want to visit. A new window will open up and you will be logged into that site already, "past" that site's security / login page. Read and download whatever you want. When you are done, close the window. You will still be logged into RotoPassDaily and may click over to any site you want. Super easy.

Can I just go to one of those sites directly?

Yes, except for ESPN+. You’ll have to log in to RotoPassDaily.com, click on the ESPN+ icon and redeem your monthly registration the first time you sign into ESPN+ to get access. After that you can access ESPN+ directly for up to a month before needing to click through to it from the RotoPassDaily roster page again.

Is there additional content or tools that you would get by subscribing to these sites individually as opposed to getting a subscription to all these sites from RotoPassDaily.com? In other words, is the RotoPassDaily.com version of a website subscription the same as a "normal" or regular subscription to each website?

Yes, with one exception. If you subscribe to RotoPassDaily you get everything a NFL season subscriber to Numberball get. You get everything a subscriber to ESPN+ gets and you get everything a DFS subscriber to Rotowire gets. For RotoTracker, you get everything a subscriber to their Bronze level with RotoTracker+ features gets. So that’s all the same. The RotoPass Daily subscription site gives you access to ALL the tools Jeff Collins (aka @JeffElJefe) used to win over $2 million in DFS last year alone. So we feel confident it’s everything you need but yes, to be clear, it’s NFL only.

I'm not happy for some reason. Can I get a refund?

Sorry, but no. You see, the information within these sites is very valuable and provides a significant edge for fantasy sports but with a very specific shelf life. Based on this fact and per the policies of some of our partner sites, we are forced to have a NO REFUND POLICY! Thanks for understanding.

How do I get the Rotowire Apps?

The Rotowire mobile apps are not included in a RotoPassDaily subscription. They may be purchased separately. But they are a separate purchase for Rotowire subscribers as well - so it's not something specific to RotoPassDaily.

ESPN+ is asking me for a code and I don't have a code. Or I lost it. Or I don't know what they are talking about.

You should have gotten a welcome email when you signed up for RotoPassDaily that included your ESPN+ coupon code. So check your spam folder if you didn't get one. Otherwise, the code is at the end of the ESPN+ roster page description when you click over to ESPN+ from RotoPassDaily. If you still need help, email support@rotopass.com.

I forgot my password - I changed my e-mail address - I can't login - the links don't work - something you haven't even thought of is happening to my computer / tablet / phone...

Email our customer support center at support@rotopass.com! Janet will take care of you and any problems that may arise. Your problem is our problem.

Is there a limit to how many times I can go to a RotoPassDaily Roster site or download a draft kit or anything like that?

Nope. Have at it. All access is all access. We're your ticket to domination!

What about my personal information? Am I gonna get spammed to death?

Nope. Your information stays with us and in some cases the RotoPassDaily Roster sites also. Review our Privacy Policy for all the details.

Will my e-mail address and password work from any computer?

Yes. You can access your RotoPassDaily account from anywhere in the world. But, if you login while in New York and two hours later, login from Hawaii, we'll take a long look at that. We also monitor accounts that frequently have multiple users logged into the same account. This activity is against our policy and we reserve the right to cancel your subscription. Besides, why the heck would you be sharing the most premium fantasy information with your competitors?

Do you offer any free trials or free samples? What about a money back guarantee or a refund if I don't like it?

Unfortunately, the information within these sites is so valuable and also has a specific shelf life (you download ranks, you draft, you no longer need the ranks) that we can not offer that. We've had too many bad apples in the past sign up, read the articles, download ranks or projections and then demand a refund. It's not like someone can prove you aren't using the material, you know? So you'll have to take my word for it that it's worth a few bucks a day. And know that once you buy, you own. Thanks for your understanding.

I'm already a paid member of ESPN+. I clicked over from ESPN and it does not show a discounted price for a RotoPassDaily subscription. What's the deal?

If you are already a member of ESPN+, you can either call ESPN and ask for refund of the unused portion of your ESPN+ account or the subscription you get with RotoPassDaily (you get a coupon code with your subscription) can be applied at the end of your current ESPN+ subscription. Being an ESPN+ subscriber does not give you a discount to RotoPassDaily.

RotoPassDaily rules! I'd love my site to join RotoPassDaily. And I'd love to advertise on RotoPassDaily. And I'd love to put a RotoPassDaily banner on my site and get money for every subscription I sell. How does my site get involved?

E-mail support@rotopass.com with your inquiry and a member of the RotoPassDaily team will contact you.

RotoPassDaily is so awesome... I also want my friends and loved ones to Dominate... can I purchase a gift subscription?

Absolutely. RotoPassDaily is the gift that keeps on giving. Just select that option when purchasing the subscription.

Is there a season long version of RotoPassDaily?

Yep, the original RotoPass.com focuses on season long fantasy football, with many great sites for one very low price. Go to RotoPass.com to check it out.

This is the best thing to happen to fantasy sports since the Internet, isn't it?

Yeah, it kinda is.

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