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NumberBall is the brainchild of Jeff (JeffelJefe) Collins, one of the most successful DFS players of all time. On the heels of what many refer to as best year in DFS tournament history (more on that here), Jeff decided to create a place where he could teach the methods that brought him to the top of the mountain.

Whether you’re new to DFS or you’ve been playing since Condia was a thing, NumberBall is built to help you get better.

Here are their values:

Quality > Quantity - When your site has 12 writers covering any given slate, you’re going to write everyone up. Who does that help? NumberBall is about teaching to a distinct point of view on today’s slate.

Teach the process - Give a man a fish, he’ll always be a fish. Teach a man to fish, he’ll make a lot of money off of fish (pretty sure that’s how the saying goes?).

Be good people - Ever been on DFS twitter? It’s… interesting. We’re just gonna try to be kind, do right by people, and not beef. Because this is fake sports, so maybe we should not scream and yell at each other. Full disclosure sometimes we mess this one up but we’re trying…

When it comes to DFS, understanding which contests are most profitable for you is essential to improving your bottom line, and knowing which sports, sites, game types, contest sizes, slates and even opponents yield the best results is a huge advantage.

Used by both beginners and advanced DFS players alike, RotoTracker’s extensive list of graphs, reports, features and filtering options allow you to analyze your DFS results from multiple sites using a slick user interface.

RotoTracker provides the breadth and depth you need to drill down into your results and really understand the strengths and weaknesses of your performance.

Uploading your data is as simple as just a few clicks. Plus using the RotoTracker Chrome and Firefox browser extensions helps make managing your results even easier.

Whether you play hundreds, thousands — or even hundreds of thousands — of contests, RotoTracker’s robust database engine will handle all the data you throw at it.

Gain that extra edge with RotoTracker!

Ok, yes, I'm a company man but the truth of it is... ESPN+ rocks. Bringing you comprehensive, fantasy sports insight and analysis plus thousands of exclusive, live streamed sports and on demand ESPN originals, like The Fantasy Show with Matthew Berry, he said modestly. There's tons of great fantasy sports analysis only available to subscribers, like DFS analysis from DraftKings Millionaire Maker winner Al Zeidenfeld, plus FSWA Hall of Famer Eric Karabell, Accuracy award winner and aDOT creator Mike Clay, X&O Guru Matt Bowen, the Football Scientist KC Joyner, legends Mel Kiper and Todd McShay and so many more, like Buster Olney and Keith Law for Baseball, Vegas insiders helping to sharpen your bets and the thousands of other things that ESPN+ has to offer. Plus, you'll see fewer ads on and in the ESPN App as well.

Sometimes it's easy to be a company man.

In the fast paced world of DFS, late scratches, last minute lineup changes and every piece of news is not only vital, it needs to be delivered quickly and accurately. The creator of up-to-the-second news and analysis, Rotowire keeps you and your DFS line-ups up to date 24/7/365. Rotowire’s alerts ensure you’ll always have the most up-to-date and optimized lineup.

Justin Freeman (from NumberBall and his CPT Spot podcast) delivers the most insightful piece you'll read on showdown contests this year - his NFL Showdown DFS Strategy Guide - a value of $69.99. Showdown is exploding in popularity and Justin has been all-in on this format, learning the angles so that he can teach it to our subs. The PDF (included for all RPD subs) goes over strategy for every showdown contest type across both DraftKings and FanDuel. He talks roster construction, simulation, tournament strategy, cash strategy, and breaks down the successful rosters from 2019.

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