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1. I'm putting my name behind it.

All things considered, I've had a truly blessed journey in the fantasy sports industry. I've been playing since 1984 and now I'm the Senior Fantasy Sports Analyst for ESPN, the Worldwide Leader in Sports. I'm a Sports Emmy Winner for my work on ESPN2's Fantasy Football Now.

My podcast, "Fantasy Focus" has won seven different podcast awards from PodcastAwards.com and the New Media Expo, the largest podcast competition in the world. I'm one of only four people to be a Hall of Fame member of both the Fantasy Sports Writers Association (FSWA) and the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA). I'm the New York Times Best Selling Author of "Fantasy Life."

Not a bad resume, right?

There's no reason to risk that resume or my reputation unless I truly believed in something. I've read every site on the planet for the 30 years I've been playing and these sites are the best of the best. I personally hand-picked each one and am putting my name behind it because I believe in what they do. I believe in the quality of the research, analysis, rankings and tools of these sites. I believe in the passion and professionalism of the people running these sites.

And I'm happy to put my name out front, in bold, on RotoPassDaily because...

2. It's the best way to learn.

On the surface, DFS can seem intimidating. When there are sharks swimming in the water no one wants to be a fish.

But it’s pretty fun to BE the shark.

So if you want to learn DFS. Really learn DFS. Compete at the highest level. Not worry about sharks because you’ve become one. Well, you just found the answer to your prayers.

NumberBall has the best “teaching” content out there - not just picks for today’s slate, but evergreen strategy content that helps you build a strategic foundation. I saw this firsthand when Jeff and I shot our RotoPassDaily DFS 101 series (available to RPD subs only!) - this guy can TEACH.

And that's why I chose them to be a part of RotoPassDaily.com

When you buy RotoPassDaily, you're gaining access to ALL of the most reputable, knowledgeable and proven sites in the business. And here's the best part...

3. It's an amazing value for your hard earned dollar!

Be it a draft guide, a magazine, a website subscription, a fee for a league management service, your entry fees… you already spend money on fantasy sports. So why not spend it wisely?

RotoPassDaily offers the best premium DFS sites at a discount of over 50%.... MUCH, much less than it would cost to buy them all separately!

4. A Proven Track Record.

When you are paying this kind of money for analysis and tools, you want to know that it works. That it’s being created by proven winners and analysts, men and and women who don’t just talk the talk, but walk the walk.

That’s why I’m relaunching RotoPassDaily with a partner, Jeff “Jeffeljefe” Collins, who I believe to be the best DFS player in the world. His combination of untouchable results and unrivaled teaching ability make him (and his site NumberBall.com) the no-brainer choice for everyone who wants to get better at DFS.

Combine that with the best-in-class tools at RotoGrinders and the OGs RotoWire - that’s an unbeatable product.

5. EVERYTHING you need - No matter HOW you play!

RotoPassDaily.com is by far the most COMPREHENSIVE daily fantasy information service site you can subscribe to.

Are you trying to win a huge GPP? You’re in luck - there’s nobody better than that than Jeff Collins at NumberBall. Are you interested in building your bankroll in cash games? The RotoGrinders tools are exactly what you need to build an optimal lineup. Just looking to learn and build your skills? The strategic content at NumberBall will help you grow as a player.

6. If you won’t trust me, will you trust your fellow players?

Praise. Testimonials. Thanks. Call it what you will, but the subscribers to the sites in RotoPassDaily can't stop showering them in it.

Rotowire is the best investment that I may have ever made in my life. I would recommend it to everyone I know but I am afraid to give up my competitive advantage.
Assad W.
Rotowire is the best site for your dfs soccer needs. They have insightful articles, a great slack chat, and have opta stats for the leagues offered on multiple dfs sites. Andrew, the senior soccer editor, also puts on useful cheat sheets for anyone to use when on the go or if you wanna make a last minute lineup. If you want to be a better soccer dfs player, there is no better place to be a subscriber to than Rotowire soccer.
DK user durrrrfan24
RotoWire has best-in-class coverage for playing (and being profitable) in soccer DFS. Their coverage is superb with podcasts, articles, and in-depth stats by player, team and league. If you still have questions, their subscriber Slack chat is another very helpful tool for any slate.
DK user pachegol
Since I've become a Rotowire subscriber, I have placed first twice, second twice and multiple times in the top 10 or top 20. That has never happened to me before...You guys have totally made me a better daily fantasy player. Thanks for all your hard work.
Matt Painter
I have been a sports fan and fantasy sports fan since I was just a little kid. Some friends introduced me to FanDuel a couple of years ago as they new I loved sports statistics. I loved it from day one. Being new to the industry, I read as much as I could to learn how to get better. I discovered Jeff Collins about a year and a half ago and found his content and analysis to be the best in the business. I manage a Wealth Management department at a regional bank so integrity, trust and transparency are so important to me. I felt extra connected to Jeff when he took first and I took second in the FanDuel Fan Championship last December. When he started NumberBall, I was thrilled and subscribed right away. If you truly want to learn how to be a better DFS player, NumberBall will be the best decision you ever make. Trust me, I have researched all of the content in the industry and he is your guy. I met him at the live final this past weekend and everything I believed to be true about him was true and then some. I’m grateful to have been connected to Jeff!
@Krayton - New to DFS in 2017, now 4x Live Finalist
NumberBall, and Jeff, best teacher of the game... ever
I always loved the format of the rundown. Was clear and concise, very easy to consume the data and construct a lineup. Too many touts in the industry write a lot of words but never really take a firm stance on anything.

7. There's nothing else like it! Anywhere on the web!

Thanks to the exploding popularity of DFS, getting the winning edge, the extra insight, that razor thin margin of advantage is becoming harder and harder. Until NOW.

Different sites do different things very well. And now thanks to RotoPassDaily, you don’t have to make a tough choice between sites!

That's a lot of value. Sign me up!

8. The most cutting edge tools available at your fingertips!

RotoGrinders' amazing LineupHQ tool

9. Great Customer Service

My father, Dr. Leonard L. Berry, is a customer service guru, speaking all over the world and having written many books and articles on the subject. So I grew up understanding how important customer service is. RotoPass has that same spirit my Dad teaches to this day. We respond ASAP to your problem and if there's an issue, we will do everything possible to make it right. That's my promise to you.

10. You get what you pay for!

Any site that tells you they charge less because they want to be "affordable" and are for "the fans" is full of it. People charge what they are worth and not a penny less. If a DFS site is free or dirt cheap, there's a reason for it.

RotoPassDaily isn't for everyone. It's the ultimate daily fantasy sports resource. It's a high quality, elite product for those that take their DFS seriously. Yeah, we play fantasy for fun. But it's a lot more fun to win. So what are you waiting for? Winners are decisive.


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